We carry the most beautiful design classics,
exceptional newcomers and unique vintage pieces
to transfer your home into an individualized nest.



It is a pleasure for us to design eye-catching and livable homes for you and your families with a cozy feel-good comfort.


With our selection of outdoor furniture, BBQs and outdoor kitchen we generate luxury and style for your terrace, poolside and garden. 


Especially for restaurants, shops and offices we love to combine highly modern design and unique vintage pieces to create distinctive atmospheres.

All brands of N*II

Röshults: Luxurious outdoor living from Sweden


Röshults is the number one brand for outdoor kitchen solutions in Scandinavia.

With the stylish combination of exclusive materials, such as teak and stainless steel, and modern architectural design, the Swedish brand celebrates the luxurious aspects of outdoor living. The result is a unique concept of stylish, high-quality furniture designed for the sophisticated individual.

Röshults stands for pieces in which comfort, modernity and elegance merge effortlessly.


JARS - beautiful ceramic from France: A must for every outdoor event.
— Katrin Buschmann