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Since 1857 the fine ceramics of JARS are all exclusively handmade in the small town of Anneyron in the South of France. From its roots in horticultural pottery through to today’s much sought-after contemporary tableware collections in glazed stoneware, Jars’ history spans therefore more than a 150 years…
Jars' craftsmanship offers a big variety of designs and colours in combination with the development of a unique process: During this ‘grand feu’ firing at 2850F, the clays that make up its refined body become vitrified (the state at which the china and glaze melts and fuses together to form non-porous ware) and allows stoneware to reach the status of ‘noble ceramic”.

Every piece is dishwasher-safe and microwaveable.


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BYLASSEN: SS18 Collection 

It’s a space that’s about togetherness and quality time spent with those close to us; a space that offers a frame for life’s big and small moments. Which is why by Lassen's SS18 collection is inspired by the simplicity of being in the moment, by the Lassen brothers’ architecture and by the colour schemes and artistic lines on display at the visionary Rudolph Tegner Museum.